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Social Security Disability

Helping You Win
We offers services directed towards winning your case. We help those individuals seeking assistance in obtaining their benefits due to an inability to work in the competitive job market.
If you have a work history, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDIB). If we win your case, you will receive Full Retirement Benefits, Medicare and any past due benefits from the onset date of disability. However there is a two-year waiting period to obtain your Medicare benefit from the date that you are found disabled.
If you do not have a work history or have not engaged in substantial gainful activity and are unable to compete in the open competitive job market on a sustained full-time basis, you may be entitled to Social Security Supplemental Security Benefits (SSI). Same rules for disability would apply.
We have been providing Social Security Representation Services in many areas of the country since February of 2004.

Disability Representation Services generally include:
  • We file your appeal once the case is denied at the application level which is Request For Hearing Before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Review of  your Case File is completed in order to  begin preparing for hearing.
  • Contact treating sources for updated medical records, send questionnaires that will identify functional capabilities and limitations.
  • Develop Theory of Case as to why you should be found disabled under SS Rules and Regulations.
  • Write a Pre-Hearing Brief to the ALJ outlining our theory of the case.
  • Meet with you prior to hearing to prepare you for the hearing, review the types of questions you will be asked so that you will be ready answer questions and know what to expect.
  • Appear with you at hearing, presenting your case in a most favorable way and Cross Examine Medical and Vocational Experts that often appear at Disability Hearings per request of SSA.
  • If your case is denied we will review the decision with you to identify any errors that may have been made by the ALJ for an appeal to the next level.
  • We will file an appeal to the Appeals Counsel (AC) if we find errors in the ALJ decision that warrant a review by the AC.

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